Like most travelers in Mysore, I was studying yoga. I took an intensive introduction to Vinay Kumar’s Prana Vashya Yoga series— 6 hours of yoga a day. I was exhausted, raw, and disconnected from the world in NYC.

This gallery is one of my personal favorites; so many vivid colors, I can remember each smell, person, and place. Walking around with a professional camera was…uncomfortable, especially as a woman. It felt like I was an odd site to see, some men approached me in disgusting ways and if I wasn’t reproached I was being stared down with skepticism. I could pass for a local, I though, if I was wearing a sari and not a large camera bag. One day just to seem more local, I decided to go out wearing a hijab (I am technically muslim.) I went to the market with my camera, and despite some awkward glares, it was just a little easier to ask people if they’d let me photograph them. That’s the first time wearing a hijab eased any of my social situation.

I was there for a month and everyday my routine was the same; yoga 6-10 am, break/lunchtime (best time of the day!), take photos, yoga 3-6, dinner, and sleep. It was a simple life, except with a lot of camera gear. I had no room energetically to do anything else, the yoga drained me emotionally and physically in ways I hadn’t experienced before. When I left I was in a different body and mind.