#7SONGSAWEEK REVIEW / by Noor Kalouti

Hello, all! I’m back. Today’s roundup has truly cheered me on as I submitted my graduate applications, so I hope it gives your week as much of a boost as it did mine!

We’ve got some new music from Vic Mensa, Toro Y Moi, and the strange but compelling, Lonnie Holley.

Let’s get into it

1. Ordinary Pleasure: Toro Y Moi

This track released alongside Toro y Moi’s Ordinary Pleasure EP, which includes “Freelance”—a track that I included on this roundup. “Ordinary Pleasure” released through Carpack Records and is the second single off of his forthcoming album Outer Peace, which he announced in early November. As always with Toro y Moi, we get an extremely funky and genre-abiding song. I can always rely on him to get the boogie going.

2. DRIPPING SUMMERS (ft. Little Dragon): Vic Mensa and Christian Rich

I am so pleasantly surprised at this song! What a beautiful collaboration, one that I think is held together by Christian Rich’s production expertise. Vic Mensa is the last person I’d expect to collaborate with these two, but I’m so happy everyone is well-acquainted! Although it was released in August, it did not succeed commercially, which is unfortunate considering how much of success it is musically.

3. You: Zarion Uti

It’s been a while since I’ve included an Afrobeats track on the roundup, so I’m glad to come back strong. Meet Zarion Uti, a very charming Nigerian man based between Lagos and Georgia. This African musician is a new discovery for me and one I’m sure to keep an eye on. Produced by Chillz and independently released in November, I’m excited to hear more after this promising release.


This is an OG Kaytray tune, one that is truly enhanced by Shay Lia’s honey-like vocals. She channels Kaytray’s aesthetic very naturally, performing in perfect harmony with his funky rhythms. It was released on November 30th via RCA Records and is part of Kaytray’s NOTHIN LIKE U/CHANCES EP.

5. Grounded: Nico Cara

Now, be honest; does Nico’s voice remind you of Luke Pritchard, lead singer of The Kooks? Because when I hear this song, I  have flashbacks of dancing to “Naive in high school. Anyway, aside from the nostalgia, I enjoy the simplicity of the jazz in this track, which is made so much more interesting through Nico’s peculiar vocal timbre. It was released via Poor Valley Recordings in November.  

6. HYD: Joy PostelL

What I enjoy most about this track is the untainted, authentic, R&B aesthetic, it’s reminiscent of early Destiny’s Child, especially the timbre of Joy’s vocals. This is the 6th track on her new independent album Diaspora, released in mid-November.

7. I’m A Suspect: Lonnie Holley

Finally, I present you with a track you didn't see coming. If you don’t know who Lonnie Holley is, please Google him!

Lonnie Bradley Holley, sometimes called The Sand Man, is an artist, educator, and musician. Aside from his music, he’s well known throughout the world for his found-objects sculptures, art installations and paintings. His music is entirely improvised and free-flowing, truly from his gut. He describes his work as “the practice of improvisational creativity”. I’m moved by the rawness of his voice, the peculiarity of his aesthetic, and the meditative dimension of this song. This is the first song on his recently released album MITH.